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The 2nd International Conference on Internet Technology and Educational informatization (ITEI 2022)

has come to end successfully.

ITEI 2022 was held online in December 23th, 2022.  Thanks for all experts and scholars' support and participation. Attendees discussed Internet Technology and Educational Informatization-related areas with 5 keynote speakers.


Opening Ceremony


Group Photo


Keynote Speech 1: Prof. Pun Chi Man

University of Macau, China

Speech Title: Privacy Protection in Video Live Streaming


Keynote Speech 2: Prof. Yongjun Feng

Shaanxi Normal University, China

Speech Title: Research of Education Metaverse and Metaverse Education——Take E-Course Explosion as the Center


Keynote Speech 3: Prof. Philippe Fournier-Viger

Shenzhen University, China

Speech Title: Advances and challenges for the discovery of interesting patterns in network and educational data


Keynote Speech 4: Prof. Rafidah Md Noor

Universiti Malaya, Malaysia

Speech Title: The Rise of Mobile and Internet Technology in Higher Education and Remote Learning



Keynote Speech 5: Assoc. Prof. Khe Foom HEW

The University of Hong Kong, China

Speech Title: Engaging students in online learning activities using chatbots

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Oral report 1: Hui Zhao

University Technology Malaysia

Title: Data-driven Crowdsourcing in Public Emergency


Oral report 2: Wei Wei Zhao

Shantou Polytechnic, China

Title: A Competitive Blended Learning Model of Computer Teaching


Oral report 3: Hengxuan Zou

Shenzhen Institute of Technology, China 

Title: Design and Implementation of Classroom Attendance Management System for Vocational College Students Based on WeChat Mini Program


Oral report 4: Xiwen Wang

Jiangsu Normal University, China

Title: An Analysis of Secondary Vocational Education Development in China in Recent Ten Years Based on China Statistical Yearbook

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Poster Presentations

We look forward to seeing you next year.